This year the Community Foundation for Central Victoria is distributing $10,000 worth of FRRR 2016 Back to School vouchers. The $50 Target vouchers help local students make a great start back at school and are redeemable for e redeemable for items such as school uniforms, clothing, shoes, school bags and stationery items necessary to start the school year. Twenty five schools throughout the region received vouchers this year including Weeroona and Eaglehawk Colleges.

Weeroona School Captains Maddie Betts, Riley Leary and Hayley Dunne pictured above with Principe Leanne Preece were asked for feedback on the impact of the vouchers on students in their schools.

They said: “Students at Weeroona College Bendigo really appreciate the support offered through the Back to School vouchers provided by the Community Foundation for Central Victoria. It’s really great that someone cares about our students.” Maddie Betts, college captain

“It is really important for all students to have a positive start to the school year and the CFCV vouchers allow our school to ensure that we can assist students in need.” Riley Leary, college captain

“The kids who benefit from the Back to School Vouchers come from families where this support will make a difference in their lives. Thank you to the Community Foundation for Central Victoria for helping our school.” Hayley Dunne, college captain.

“We were very pleased to receive a number of the vouchers in the mail last week. Already we have put them to good use for some of our students. The look of delight on their faces is heart-warming.” Leanne Preece, college principal

Tracey Wolsey Eaglehawk School Chaplain said “Our school community is very diverse. Many arrive at school at the beginning of the year with all they need for their classes. They have the benefit of a ‘good start’, the advantage of knowing they have what is required, a sense of being somewhat prepared. For others however it can be a different story. Sadly there are students however who arrive on the first day of school very conscious of the fact that they have no books, no pens, no calculator, no basic requirements essential for learning. The reason as to why this may be the experience of some students may vary however the common feelings shared by those students is often fear and embarrassment. Fear that others will notice they have nothing and will look down upon them, fear of getting into trouble, fear of not being able to do the work and embarrassed at being in such a predicament.

At Eaglehawk Secondary College we want all students to have the opportunity to have a good start, the opportunity to achieve their very best, and the opportunity to be all they can be. Being able to provide support to those who are disadvantaged is vitally important and makes all the difference to those students and their families.”

The Community Foundation for Central Victoria has distributed over $120,000 worth of Back to School Vouchers within the region over the last 5 years.