Come and join in art, cooking and sports activities while practising English!

The program is a fun way for secondary students who are new in Australia to improve their English.

Loddon Campaspe Multicultural Services in partnership with the Community Foundation For Central Victoria and Bendigo Senior Secondary College are offering an exciting Summer School English Program for secondary students with English as an Additional Language (EAL).

“Attending school in a new country, in a new language, can be overwhelming,” said Noemi Cummings, Executive Officer at Loddon Campaspe Multicultural Services. “In addition to this, many young people from refugee backgrounds have missed large gaps in their schooling, adding to the difficulties of catching up with their peers. Some young people in our community were not able to attend any schooling before arriving in Australia and did not have the opportunity to even learn the basics of reading and writing, how to hold a pen, how an alphabet works. Despite these challenges, the young people we work with have been asking for additional support and help with their English, they are passionate about education and want the opportunity to succeed. That’s why we started the Summer School Program, and we believe it will be a huge success.”

Secondary students are invited to come along and enjoy a day full of cooking, art and sporting activities while learning English and improving their speaking and comprehension. Classes will be kept small so that each student receives intensive assistance. Two EAL teachers will run the classes along with experienced teacher’s aides and skilled volunteers.

The program will help reintroduce students into an English speaking environment after the school holidays, to improve their spoken English, literacy and numeracy skills in preparation for the new school year. It will increase their knowledge, build confidence and promote independence so that they are better equipped to participate in lessons and school activities.

The Summer School program will run four days of classes each week for two weeks from 11th-21st January 2016, Monday-Thursday, 9.30am-2.30pm

Fareshteh is one of the students who has enrolled in the program. She is a 13 year old Afghani student who was born in Iran after her family fled the Taliban. Fareshteh and her family arrived in Australia with her famlily 2 years ago. She is very excited to be attending the program.


“The Summer School sounds interesting to me because I love going to school and learning new stuff and working on it really hard. I want to go to get new information about people and the things that I learn. I’d like to have a go at the cooking class and sporting activities like gymnastics. And I want to practice my English most of all.”


If you are interested in being a volunteer in the program or would like to refer a young person please and enjoy working with young people from a non English speaking background please contact Lodon Campaspe Multicultural Services on 5441 6644.